What’s the story behind the traditional Christmas decorations?

What’s the story behind the traditional Christmas decorations?

Preparing for a special occasion at Christmas, have you ever wondered  how the Christmas greenerie we decorate our homes with came about?

According to Christians, here are some reasons behind our chosen decoration.

The Holly-  very popular in Christmas, its red berries symbolise Christ’s blood and the leaves symbolise the crown of thorns. The Holly is considered to be the male plant.

The Ivy – a female plant that needs something to support itself, it is a reminder of how we need God to support us throughout our life.

The Mistletoe – ancient Greeks believe the mistletoe to be an aphrodisiac and aid for fertility. While Norsemen believed they would cease fighting for a day if a plant hung above a doorway, where they met and consider it to be a plant of peace. It wasn’t until the 18th century when kissing came into it. Couples were to have a kiss while there were red berries. Each time they kissed a red berry would be removed. To this day, it is generally thought to bring peace and good luck into homes.

The Christmas Wreath - stems from Roman times when it was a symbol of victory to hang one on the door. Affluent Roman women often wore these on their head as a sign of being privileged

The Christmas Tree also known as the Fir Tree was a symbol of the everlasting life with God.

Handy to know when hanging those decorations up

Don’t forget to take them down by Twelfth Night

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By Pamela Sommers

Pamela is a London wedding jewellery specialist and founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning online boutique creating fairytale weddings with their beautiful bridal jewellery & accessories.


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