Tips To Help You Write Your Wedding Vows & Speech

Tips To Help You Write Your Wedding Vows & Speech

Getting married can be full of excitement and nerves, especially with so many things to do and to remember.

More and more couples are choosing to write their own vows. While this may come easily to some, there are many who have sleepless nights over what to say or write about.

Here are some tips to help you create and write your own wedding vows and speech:

How did you meet?

Create a brief story and set the scene of how you both met, this is a wonderful way of telling your very own fairy tale or comedy and it also helps to break the ice.

What do you love about them?

Tell the world what you love about the person your intended, include the little funny things and characteristics. This brings the story to reality and makes it relatable.

Why did you choose them?

Briefly, say why they are just right for you.

Make some vows

Say, ‘I promise to…’ or ‘I vow to…’ or similar phrases and state things that are personal to you both. These can include religious vows from the Bible.

You may also wish to include humorous anecdotes too.


Say, that you promise to be there during bad times as well as the good times i.e. ‘in sickness and in health’.


Say, that you promise to be with them forever i.e. ‘until death do us part’

Once you have written your vows, it’s a good idea to read them out to your belovèd. This avoids any awkward or embarrassing moments. It’s important that you are both happy with your vows and that they are personally meaningful to each of you.

Maintaining eye contact help keep it personal, so try to look at your significant other while you are saying your vows.

Your wedding day is devoted to you both; it is for sharing your happiness and showing each other how much you mean to one another. Try not to worry about the finer details.

Simply speak from the heart and the rest will take care of itself.

Celebrate your love and enjoy every moment.

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by Pamela Sommers


Pamela is a London wedding jewellery specialist and founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning online boutique creating fairytale weddings with their beautiful bridal jewellery & accessories ‘as seen in Vogue’.





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