The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon

The “Honeymoon” and how it started

The term “Honeymoon” was used to describe the sweet month following the wedding day, which denotes how the bride and groom traditionally spent their time.

 In the late 1800’s this often involved travelling away or taking bridal tours, which involved visiting relatives. Although this developed into the happy couple spending their time travelling together, exploring other places.

“Meala” is translated as honey in Irish and “mi na meala” is Irish for honeymoon or the month of honey.

The fermented ale or wine called ‘mead’ which was made with honey for medicinal purposes created by Irish monks used to be given to the bride and groom at their wedding feast to help maintain their well-being. They were given this drink in large mugs and were instructed to share the drink together until the next full moon which was generally a month. Hence the term “honeymoon”, the couple usually returned after then.

‘Mead’ was also thought to aid fertility and help to get them in the mood for love

This method was thought to give the wedding couple a good start to their marriage.

In recent times, however the amount of time a newlywed couple spend on their honeymoon has changed significantly, this could be due to work, financial or family commitments.

This is more of a reason to spoil yourself on your wedding day!

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