Lockdown’s Ended - Look Great When You Get Back Out There!

Lockdown's Ended - Look Great When You Get Back Out There!

Lockdown's Ended - Look Great When You Get Back Out There! by SOMMERSPARKLE

If you’ve been getting up every day of lockdown, putting on a full face of makeup and getting dressed up just to spend the day working from home, we salute you, although we think you’re probably in the minority. Many of us have become a little less inclined to take care when choosing what to wear when the only trips we’ve been taking are to the local supermarket. But good times are upon us once more. And if you’ve spent so long dressing down through lockdown, getting back to your stylish self may feel a bit daunting. You might have even forgotten how it feels to look and feel fabulous when you dress up!

You aren’t alone, it’s been a long time, so we want to help.

Here at SommerSparkle, we know how you look plays a big part in how you feel, and our collection of jewellery and accessories has been created to help you redefine your style as you emerge from lockdown.

I’m not ready yet

Not feeling ready

If you’re not quite ready to resume your social life, we hear you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up at home, especially as we can now have friends over. That way, you can wear jewellery you love to make you feel great no matter whether you’re out and about, or having fun at home.

Mix ‘n’ Match Jewellery

Mix and Match by SOMMERSPARKLE

Completing your look with jewellery doesn’t mean bringing out the same old pieces time and again. Chances are you already have a few favourite jewellery pieces in your collection, but the new stuff available is tempting you. Learning how to mix ‘n’ match your jewellery and accessories can be a great way to treat yourself to a feel-good gift and bring out an old favourite or two to create a new look.

Try mix ‘n’ matching new with old jewellery, so you can look great every time you leave home. How? It’s pretty simple, really.

Go Eye-Catching


Let one piece be the star. Whether you want that to be a statement ring or enigmatic pendant, choosing one piece to build the look around is a great way to start mix ‘n’ matching jewellery. Choose something large and chunky, sparkly or colourful, something that catches the eye and sets the tone for the pieces you team it with. Then mix other pieces to tie the look. Perhaps choose the same stones in different settings, different stones but similar styles, even different metals for the other pieces, or big up one focal area, keeping other jewellery minimal. A statement necklace with simple stud earrings could work well, as could a simple necklace and earrings with your hands adorned with rings. Then easily transform an outfit from day to night simply by changing statement piece or adding more layers.

Stack Or Layer Your Necklaces, Bracelets or Rings

Layer your Jewellery by SOMMERSPARKLE

Feel-good jewellery looks amazing when stacked up or layered, so if you have a variety of rings you love, wear them. One thing about stacking is you make the rules.  Pick your favourite rings, whatever style.  Layer necklaces of different weights, metals or stones, and combine long necklaces with shorter ones to create an eye-catching combination.

Keeping it Simple

If mixing isn’t your style, there is no need to feel left out, there are some great jewellery sets available. If you aren’t sure how much is too much, start by working on the rule of 3. Choose 3 rings, 3 necklaces and 3 bracelets, stick if you are happy, or add more if you’re feeling daring; the choice is yours.

As we all start to take the first steps into a post-lockdown world, one thing to remember is a little bit of style goes a long way towards giving you the confidence to get back into the things you love.

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