How To Wear A Tiara

How To Wear A Tiara

Tiaras are a step closer to your fairytale. They can be the closest thing to royalty and are a great way of helping you feel like a princess or a queen at your wedding or prom, or indeed wherever you choose to wear one.

Here some tips to help you choose the tiara that is right for you and on how to wear one. As this can be an art form in itself.


  1. Take a look at the mirror and decide what shape face you have. You want to find a tiara that accentuates your best feature. If you have a long shaped face it would be an idea to choose a rounder shaped tiara, so as not to elongate your face. If your face is more round in shape, then a longer and more pointier, oval shaped tiara would frame your face better.
  2. Consider the occasion where you will be wearing the tiara. If you are a bride-to-be try to ensure your tiara is not attached to your veil, as the weight of this will make it uncomfortable to wear and drag your hair back, which won’t look as good.
  3. Hair is more flexible than a tiara. So, refrain from bending the tiara around your hairstyle as this could damage the tiara or cause it to curve. A thin thread or hat or hair accessory may be used to help keep the tiara in place, by attaching it to your chignon
  4. For extra grip and to keep your tiara in place. It may be an idea to leave your hair unwashed and unconditioned for a day. This will also help to style your hair. Once you have the style you desire, feel free to use hairspray on your hair not on the tiara. Then you are ready to place your tiara on your head.
  5. Placement and positioning is key. Ensure that your tiara is less than 1.5 inches from your hairline. Use your thumb and index finger to help guide your tiara into the correct position. Place your thumb at the centre base of your chin, while your index finger is stretched at the centre between your eyebrows. Glide your thumb up to where your index finger was and glide your index finger up, using the same spacing. Your index finger should be touching the base edge of the tiara.  
  6. Posture also plays a role. As you should be feeling like royalty now. So shoulders back. Stand tall and walk like the queen you are and create your own Fairytale…


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by Pamela Sommers

Pamela is a London wedding jewellery specialist and founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning online boutique creating fairytale weddings with their beautiful bridal jewellery & accessories.

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