How to de-clutter your jewellery box

How to de-clutter your jewellery box

You’ve heard it all before. De-clutter your home, de-clutter your wardrobe and de-clutter your life so you feel more energised., more motivated and of course more organised. But have you thought of de-cluttering your jewellery box... That’s right.

You see many of us buy jewellery and accessories to wear with our outfits and clothes. We grasp the concept, albeit reluctantly, of clearing out old clothes that no longer serve us, to bring in new, fresh clothing that bring us joy but we forget, or perhaps don’t realise that while we are releasing stagnant energy from our old clothes and clutter many of this still remains in you know where. You guessed it, in our jewellery box or drawers. Starting to make sense now don’t you think?

With jewellery or accessories it may be a little different. There are more emotional ties or feelings of guilt attached, especially if it’s a piece of jewellery or a brooch which was perhaps handed down to you from a relative or given to you as a gift, you feel obliged to hang on to it no matter what. There are also the times and memories that go with that piece of jewellery that keep us connected to it. It could also be jewellery for a special occasion or wedding jewellery. By the way it isn’t just women who are guilty of this. Men are also just as guilty of collecting various watches, tie pins and other objects of intrigue.

I understand there are certain pieces you want to treasure forever which have sentimental value but what about the rest? I bet you are thinking to yourself right now about reasons or excuses to keep the majority, you know the ones, “but my friend bought it to me 20 years ago”, and others, “I remember wearing this when I went to that party.” While it’s great to take a few moments remember these times. It would be in your own interest to be honest with yourself and ask yourself this simple question

Does it bring me joy?

This question will help you decide on which pieces to keep or remove from your collection. You should also remind yourself of when you last wore it because that in itself will be a reality check.

Just as with clothes and other items, emotional ties and stagnant energy can keep you tied to pieces of jewellery and accessories. Just because the items are smaller doesn’t mean they should be disregarded.  Don’t feel bad about this. You deserve to feel your best at all times and releasing the old will make space for the new


1. Take Your Time

Allow yourself some time and space to go through all your jewellery. You don’t want to rush this and you may become emotional at times.

2. Separate your pieces

Separate the jewellery sets, earrings, bracelets e.t.c.

3. Ask Yourself

Hold each piece and ask yourself the question, “does this bring me joy?”

4. Remember

Try to recall when you last wore it

5. Discard

Discard all broken items, if you haven’t fixed it within 6 months it’s unlikely you will get it fixed.

6. Polish

If an item is tarnished you can purchase anti-tarnish polishing cloths to keep your silver jewellery in tip-top condition from here

7. Remove

Give away or discard any pieces that no longer bring you joy

8. Breathe

Take a deep breath. You should be feeling lighter now and even a sense of relief

Once you have decide what you are discarding or giving away, organise your pieces that bring you joy into sections in your jewellery box or place them in smaller containers, in your drawer.


Show yourself some love. Next time you are buying outfits and are looking for jewellery and accessories to complement these outfits, choose pieces that lift your spirits and bring you joy. You deserve it.


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