How To Choose Jewellery And Accessories To Complement Your Wedding Dress

How To Choose Jewellery And Accessories To Complement Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and in all the excitement, it is easy so to get caught up and become stressed with the finer details. Do not worry help is at hand and if you keep things simple and take it one step at a time, you’ll have it all covered in no time, ready to remain calm and composed on your special day.

Here are some tips to help you choose your wedding jewellery and accessories:

Wedding Dress

Choose your wedding dress first, this will act as a blank canvas or base which you can build your jewellery and accessories around. Pay attention to the material, pattern and style of your dress.

Embellished Dress

If you have an embellished dress, you don’t have to have many accessories or jewellery, as this would take the attention away from your dress. Instead, keep it subtle with little or no jewellery. Perhaps with a pair of studs or a single strand necklace.

Plain Dress

If your dress has hardly any pattern or embellishment on it, then you can afford to wear more sparkles as this will enhance your overall look.

Colour of your dress

Silver, platinum, blue or purple jewellery tend to suit white dresses. Gold, ivory, red, and green coloured jewellery compliment ivory, cream, champagne or gold coloured dresses the best. While white pearl jewellery go well with all coloured dresses.


Pearls are perfect for a subtle vintage style theme. They work well with lace and silk fabrics as they look elegant and sophisticated and create a romantic and soft finish. As well as the traditional pearl necklace and earrings set, they also look great as a pearl hair accessory such as a hair comb or hair pins for that finishing touch.


A tiara or side headband looks fabulous with a contemporary A-line or long-sleeved gown, as it does with a princess-style gown. Perfect for that regal feeling. A veil can also be worn with a tiara.

'Royal Flower' Tiara by SommerSparkle


A sparkly cuff bracelet, choker or chandelier style earrings look brilliant with a strapless or mermaid-style dress. You could also scatter a few sparkly hair jewels in your hair to continue the theme. If you can’t sparkle on your wedding day, when can you?


Sparkling Crystal Bracelet by SommerSparkle


If you are having a beach themed wedding or one which is surrounded by nature, then a floral garland to decorate your hair would create a romantic and feminine look. A floral bracelet and a subtle necklace would also look pretty.


Wear jewellery and accessories which reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable, after all it is your day. For instance, if you prefer a low-key approach, keep it simple by wearing stud earrings and/or an understated tennis bracelet. If you enjoy the attention wear chandelier earrings and/or a chunky necklace to create a bold look.

Shoes & Clutch

These usually match, just make sure that you are comfortable and happy with your choice. Silver, white or blue tend to go with a white dress and gold, red or purple tend to be more suited to a gold, champagne or cream dress.

'Ring Finger' Clutch by SommerSparkle


This is a very important step. Try on your jewellery and accessories with your dress and stand in front of a mirror to see how you look. Check how you feel, as chances are you will be wearing this for quite a long time, so it is important that you feel comfortable and are happy with your selection.
Now you are all dressed up and ready to go, just remember that golden rule:

Enjoy Your Day!


by Pamela Sommers

Pamela is a London wedding jewellery specialist and founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning online boutique creating fairytale weddings with their beautiful bridal jewellery & accessories.

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