How To Choose Earrings That Are Right For You

How To Choose Earrings That Are Right For You

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Earrings are a wonderful way of accessorising and adding glamour to your look. They can make you feel feminine and can complete your look beautifully.


Here are some tips to ensure that you wear earrings that enhance your best features and style.

The shape of your face

To accentuate your best features it is a good idea to start with the shape of your face.

Oval shape

You’ll be pleased to know you can wear almost any style of earrings. Pyramid shaped earrings and classic studs will enhance your cheekbones beautifully.

Heart shape

Chandelier style or teardrop shaped earrings help to balance out the top proportion of your face, as the weight of the earrings will be at the bottom part of the earrings.

1 Carat Diamond Drop Gold Earrings by SommerSparkle

Square shape

Choose earrings that are more round with soft edges, such as hoop earrings and avoid rigid square or rectangular shaped earrings.

Long shape

Look for earrings with some width such as hooped earrings, short dangly drop earrings, clustered and round shaped studs.

'Princess' Earrings by SommerSparkle

Round shape

Select long dangly drop earrings to contrast.

Try to go for the opposite style to shape of your face. For instance if you have a more round shape face opt for earrings that are longer and if you have a longer or square shaped face go for earrings that are circular.

There are other elements to take into account:

Facial Structure


If you have a larger bone structure you are able to wear chunkier and heavier earrings such as statement earrings with ease.


If you have a small and fine bone structure go for small, delicate and slim earrings

Pearl Dream Drop Earrings by SommerSparkle


If you have a medium facial bone structure you can go for earrings with average proportions and weight.


Think about your personality when selecting earrings as this will help you ‘feel’ good about yourself.

Down to earth

For a girl next door and casual look opt for subtle and small earrings that are practical.


You can’t go wrong with timeless classics such as pearl, diamond, gold or silver studs or small earrings

Classic Pearl Bead Stud Earrings by SommerSparkle


For a romantic look choose circular and round shaped earrings, which are subtle yet feminine.


For a more dramatic look go for statement style earrings with sharp edges

Opulent Red Earrings by SommerSparkle


A splash of colour in your earrings will help you feel vibrant and full of energy.



Shades of gold and earthy tones are great for Autumn


Pearls are a pleasure to wear as are sparkly and more glamourous earrings in the lead up to Christmas.


Floral designs, shades of pink, lavender and silver are delightful this time of year


Shades of blue, gold, silver and floral designs are perfect for that summer glow.


Consider the occasion when choosing your earrings.


Subtle and practical earrings are great for everyday


You can afford to be glamourous with sparkle and colour





Check the dress code and choose earrings to complement your outfit. For instance pearl and floral design earrings are perfect for a wedding while sparkly and dangly drop earrings are fabulous for a party

Always wear what you love and feel best in as this will help you look amazing and feel fabulous wherever you go…

by Pamela Sommers


Pamela is a London wedding jewellery specialist and founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning online boutique creating fairytale weddings with their beautiful bridal jewellery & accessories.

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