History of the Wedding Ring

History of the Wedding Ring

The Wedding ring symbolises the love, between 2 people. It is in the shape of a ring to denote that their eternal love has no end. The space within the band is thought to signify immortal love.

It is thought that the first rings were exchanged approximately 4800 years ago in Egypt

Wedding rings have been worn on different and fingers historically fingers, although traditionally, the Wedding ring was worn on the 4th finger of a woman’s left hand. The Romans believed this was because the 4th finger on the left hand is connected to the heart, through a vein, known as, “Vena Amoris” which is translated as , “Vein of Love”

The material, the ring is made from, for instance Gold, Silver or Platinum, originally denoted the wealth of the ring bearer.

Christians started using the wedding ring in marriage ceremonies in 860 a.d. as a, “symbol of the union of hearts”, between a man and a woman

First Christian marriages wore the wedding ring in the third finger, as an act of binding, after the priest says, ”In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”, following this the priest takes the ring and touches the thumb, then the 1st finger, and then the 2nd finger; then, while uttering “Amen”, he would place the ring on the 4th finger, which sealed the marriage.

Another practical theory is that it is worn on the 4th finger on the left hand as the left hand isn’t used as often, neither is the 4th finger

Nevertheless, the Wedding ring is still renowned for being a symbol of love and is traditionally still worn on the left hand and on the 4th finger.

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