Get Your Sparkle On This Season

Get Your Sparkle On This Season

It’s party time!

The time of year where it’s all go and with so much to do and so little time. You need ways to dress up fast while still adding glamour to your look.

Whether it’s heading out to an after work do or getting invited to a last minute event.

Be prepared. Here’s how to look like you own it and still be as sparkly and glam as you like.



Hair accessories are handy and easy to pop in your bag for that unexpected event. Choose something a little glamorous to add that touch of sparkle to your look.                          


'Sparkly' Hair Clip by SommerSparkle



For instant glamour a pair of sparkly drop earrings can make you feel glamorous at a moment’s notice. They are sure to lift your mood even after the toughest day.



Opulent Red Earrings by SommerSparkle




Bracelets are easy to wear and can make all the difference to your attire. Pop one on for that hint of surprise.


Sparkling Crystal Bracelet by SommerSparkle



A belt is a great accessory and can transform an outfit from something ordinary to something special. Try and choose one to match your bag and shoes if you can.



A clutch is fast becoming a must-have accessory and is a great way of storing your necessities, such as your phone and keys. Opt for a glitzy one and everyone will asking you where you got it from.

'Ring Finger' Clutch by SommerSparkle


Ideally these should match your bag and your belt but if not go for something that is comfortable to wear and looks good too. That way you’ll be ready in no time.


Now all you need is to touch up your make-up, fix your hair and as if by magic you are ready to sparkle.



By Pamela Sommers

Pamela is a London jewellery specialist and founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning online boutique filled with beautiful jewellery & accessories to 'add a touch of sparkle to your life.'



Come join the party!


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