Choosing Wedding Jewellery & Accessories for Each Season

Choosing Wedding Jewellery & Accessories for Each Season

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. It’s a chance for you to shine and be the star of the show, no matter what the weather.

With this in mind, the season you choose to have your wedding in can have a great impact in the overall ambience and theme of your wedding.

Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when choosing your jewellery and accessories that add those finishing touches to your look.

Planning a Winter wedding

A winter wedding can be so picturesque, full of fairytale qualities. This magical time of year can be reflected throughout your entire theme with hints of glistening snow, frosty woodland decorations or sparkle-filled icicles. These can be taken through to your jewellery and accessories, with white pearls like snow and crystals like ice droplets. Pearl and crystal hair combs accentuate these qualities magnificently as well as sparkly hair jewels that twinkle throughout your hair.

If you are lucky enough to be a Christmas bride you can choose to be as luxurious as you like by wearing rich reds and opulent gems that add a little warmth and leave the cold outside.

Planning an Autumn wedding

This wonderful time of year, enhanced by nature displaying all the richness it has to offer, with reds, oranges, gold, earthy tones like brown, beige conjure a firework of display that can be carried right into the warmth and depth of you special day. The beautiful array of colours can also be echoed into accents of colour throughout your hair, dress, necklace and accessories. If you are wearing a gold or cream coloured dress, pearls or gold jewellery accessories can be the perfect accompaniment to this beautiful palette.

Planning a Spring wedding

This time of year is when nature is in full bloom and the spring blossom is a popular theme amongst many. Florals and romance grace the air and delicate floral jewellery and accessories are a subtle and pretty accompaniment to a spring bride, no matter what colour dress you choose to wear. Pastels are popular this time of year and flowers can be continued throughout the theme. Romantic and feminine hairstyles look lovely when embraced with a boho floral garland or a floral hair comb can be endearing by adding that touch of elegance to your hair.

Planning a Summer wedding

In the summer months you can be much bolder with larger flowers and more elaborate headpieces. If you choose to have a beach wedding, then delicate jewellery would be a lovely alternative together with floral headbands, for that dreamy look. A variety of different coloured dresses would suit this season and statement wrist corsages or layered bracelets and necklaces can add that subtle twist of excitement and intrigue. If you are going barefoot, anklets also make a great focal point. Keep it light and flowy

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