5 Tips to choose wedding jewellery that matches your wedding dress

5 Tips to choose wedding jewellery that matches your wedding dress

Wedding jewellery pulls the overall bridal look together. It plays an important role in enhancing your wedding day look, and also contributes to whether you look like a classic or contemporary bride on your special day. Just like with your wedding dress, you have numerous options when choosing accessories. Although this is exciting, it can also be confusing.

Best for Bride, Toronto's leading wedding dress chain, has the following tips for prospective brides shopping for their wedding day accessories.







Buy your wedding dress first

It is easier to buy jewellery that matches the wedding dress, than the other way around. Wedding dresses come in different shades of white, from ivory to diamond-white, and different metals work best with each of these shades. So, first buy your wedding dress and then begin your search for jewellery that will add to it's overall impact. 

Balance is key

Try not to go overboard when choosing wedding jewellery. Choose your jewellery so it complements your wedding gown and doesn't compete with it. If your dress is richly decorated, keep the jewellery simple and basic for an uncluttered look. You can choose bigger and brighter accessories if your wedding dress is relatively simple.

Match jewellery to the embellishments on your dress

Your wedding dress may have rhinestones, crystal embellishments, lace appliques, pearls or hand embroidery on it. The color of these embellishments may be golden, silver or of multiple hues. Select your jewellery according to the type of embellishments on your dress, for best results. Keep the metal color and embellishments in your jewellery consistent with that of your dress, so it comes together beautifully.

Pay attention to the neckline

The neckline and sleeves are important features to consider. You can skip necklaces with high necklines like the halter, and wear statement earrings instead. Bigger necklace designs like chokers look good with strapless styles, when you want to draw attention to your décolletage and collar bones. If the upper half of your wedding dress is richly embellished, avoid a necklace altogether, or choose one that is basic and doesn't clutter your look.

Choose jewellery that you love

What you wear on your wedding day should reflect your personal style. This also applies to the jewellery you wear. Choose styles and designs that you like and are comfortable wearing. You will then enjoy wearing it on your special day. Another advantage of buying wedding jewellery that you love is that you are more likely to use it again on another occasion.

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