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Buy the Most Stunning Tiaras Online
Whether you have a prom or wedding in 2016, wearing a tiara can make you feel extra-special. Especially if it’s a beautiful headpiece from SommerSparkle. Historically worn by ancient noblewomen with high statuses, tiaras are the easiest way to look and feel like a true princess. As a type of crown, they have the ability to glamorise any hairstyle.
Beautiful Hair Decorations For Weddings
Getting married in spring? Second time winner of The Couples' Choice Award for WeddingWire in 2016, SommerSparkle have everything you need to look beautiful on your big day.
The First Valentine
There are many legends written about St Valentine, according to one of them. It was written that in the 3rd Century Valentine was a priest who was there while the Emperor Claudius II was in power. Claudius thought that soldiers performed better when they were single and so he decided to ban marriage for young men.
Jewellery For Winter And Spring Weddings
Valentine’s Day might be coming up; but for many couples, it’s a spring wedding they’re anticipating instead.
Winter Wedding Jewellery Sets
Getting married in winter 2016? Even when not getting hitched, we all need some sparkle at this time of year. January and February- months known as ‘deep winter’, often feel pretty gloomy. February nonetheless can be a romantic month, with the advent of Valentine’s Day, which puts many people in an amorous mood.
Beautiful Wedding Jewellery Sets
Planning to get married in spring? Now Christmas is over, it’s likely you’re making those final purchases for the big day. As a time of renewal and rejuvenation, spring is a beautiful season in which to get married. During this season you can really get creative with flowers and decorations.
The First Christmas Gifts
Why did they bring Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh? Christmas is the time of year where we love to celebrate with our loved ones. It originated from the Nativity Story which was about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God . Gifts are often given during Christmas and here is where the tradition came from
Perfect Finishing Touches For Christmas Brides
Tis the season to be jolly…yes, it’s already that time of year again. Everybody’s already opened (at least) the second flap on their advent calendar, and the shops are filled with Christmas puddings and chocolate, with songs like ‘Fairy tale of New York’ playing on repeat. Is Christmas going to be extra special for you in 2015?
Wedding Hair Decorations For Christmas Brides
Is Christmas 2015 the season you tie the knot? With the season of goodwill approaching, everyone is already is celebration-mode, so it’s often a great time to enjoy your nuptials. Although summer events may be easier to orchestrate, winter weddings can be even more magical. Because evenings are darker, the stage is set for a truly romantic, candlelit venue.
Beautiful Wedding Jewellery Online
The cosy atmosphere of a December wedding is sheer magic for many people. What’s better than a low-lit venue, decorated with stars and scented with mulled wine, with the bride wearing an ermine fringed wedding dress?
Pearl Jewellery For Weddings
Smooth, iridescent and glistening, pearls add a classic touch to your wedding dress. Reminiscent of princesses, queens and 1940s movie stars, they both match and enhance the white silk of any gown.
Autumn Weddings
Autumn weddings can be truly magical. From candle-lit venues to autumnal colours for your bouquet, it’s an exciting time of year to get hitched. Unsurprisingly September and October are actually two of the most popular months for weddings.
Bridal Hair Decorations
Ah, autumn! Full of beautiful colours, the season is a surprisingly good time to get married.
Bridal Hair Decorations
Ah, autumn! Full of beautiful colours, the season is a surprisingly good time to get married.
Wedding Jewellery You’ll Love
Although summer and spring are popular for weddings, there are many advantages to getting married this time of year. And not just the choice of venues!
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